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Industrial HVAC applications differ from commercial applications in terms of the operating environment. Direct and indirect operational parameters mandate the need for robust, rugged equipment that has a proven track record for a long life-cycle with years of reliable operation.

The products Custom Designs & Technologies Inc. represents will satisfy both of these criteria, as well as maintaining high levels of efficiency for heating, ventilating, and mechanical cooling systems.

Product Manufacturer
Air Handlers LJ Wing
Axial Fans Woods Air Movement
Combustion Air Preheaters LJ Wing
Door Protection LJ Wing
Electric Heaters Brant Radiant Heaters Ltd.
High Intensity Luminous Heaters Brant Radiant Heaters Ltd.
Humidifiers HygroMatik
Industrial Gas Heaters LJ Wing
Industrial Heating and Cooling Coils USA Coil & Air
Integral Face/Bypass Coils LJ Wing
Jet Fans Woods Air Movement
Low Intensity Tube Heaters Brant Radiant Heaters Ltd.
Modular Air Handlers Airtherm HVAC
Unit Heaters LJ Wing
Unit Heaters (Hot Water & Steam) Airtherm HVAC
Unit Heaters (Sealed Combustion) Brant Radiant Heaters Ltd.